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Denver Senior Pics
Denver photographer
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Senior Portraits

Senior sessions are SO MUCH FUN and my favorite to do! My # 1 goal is for you to have fun and to laugh! We can add props, do multiple outfit changes, and even think outside of the box a little. Want to jump in the lake and get a photograph that will surprise everyone? What about splashing paint all over to get a creative edge in your photos? What about smoke bombs? There are no bad ideas! Let's do something fun and crazy that will have all of your friends and family talking!



When should I take my senior photos?


Typically the summer leading up to your final year is ideal. That gives us enough time to plan out your session–the location, outfits, etc. This also gives us time to choose which image you will use for your yearbook without stressing about the school's deadline. 

Where should I take my photos?​

This is totally up to you. Do you want to go downtown and get some fun, upbeat photos? Or, does going to a lake with great sunset opportunities sound better? My goal in photographing YOU is to capture YOUR personality throughout. So if we can plan a location that brings out who you are as an individual, then great!

Can I bring a friend and/or parent?

YES!!! Whatever is going to make you the most comfortable! If you are under the age of 18, I strongly encourage you to bring someone. If you have a best friend who constantly makes you laugh, then bring them along! If you want a photo with your best friend, ask me about the "Best Friends" Package. 


How many outfit changes can I have?

Outfit changes are such a good idea. Having multiple outfits will really variety to your photos. I would say typically 2 outfit changes per hour is your goal. Also, accessorize!!! Adding some bracelets, scarves, hats or anything fun adds so much!! If you want some outfit inspiration and accessory ideas, check out my Pinterest board.

Is it really necessary to get prints made?

I think so! A good example would be thinking back to my grandparent's images after they passed away. I have hundreds of photographs of my grandmother in France pre-WWII, but I think, what if all of those images were on a floppy disk? I wouldn't have any of that family history. I wouldn't have any of those images that tell my family's story. DVD's, Flash Drives, and even computers have a very limited life. Professionally made prints will last a lifetime...and more.

These are just some of the most common questions I get. If you have any more questions, which I hope you do, then let's meet for coffee!! I would love to meet you in person and make sure all of your questions are answered. 



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Denver Photographer
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