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Engagement Information

Engagement photos are so much fun!! If you are still on the fence whether or not to do them, let me help you. Doing Engagement Photos give you such a great opportunity to get to know your photographer before your wedding day. This also gives you a chance to try fun, different poses that you can then use on your wedding day. Most importantly, this is where we can really tune in to who you guys are as a couple, and showcase that throughout your images. I have 3 different packages for Engagements all based on how much time you might need. I am willing to make a customized package and work with couples to stay within their budget. Keep scrolling down to get more information about my Engagement packages. If you book your engagement and wedding with me, then I will take 20% off any Engagement package you would like.

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When should I take my Engagement Photos?


The answer depends on how you are going to use your engagement photos. If you are wanting to send out Save the Date cards with some of the images, I would recommend doing your Engagement Photos at least 7-8 months before the wedding date. September-October is usually the most popular date for Engagement photos because of the amazing colors we get, which means those two months book the quickest. 

Where should I take my photos?​

This is totally up to you. Do you want to go downtown and get some fun, upbeat photos? Or does going to a lake with great sunset opportunities sound better? My goal in photographing couples is to capture YOUR personality throughout. So if we can plan a location around that, then great!

Can we bring our Dog(s)?

YES!!! Whatever you both want to include to make these YOUR photos, bring it! I would recommend bringing along a friend to help with the dog(s) for the photos that don't include them. 


How many outfit changes can we have?

Outfit changes are such a good idea! Having multiple outfits will really add variety to your photos.. Typically 2 outfit changes per hour is a good amount. Also, accessorize!!! Adding some bracelets, scarves, hats or anything fun adds so much!! If you want some outfit inspiration and accessory ideas, check out my Pinterest board.

Is it really necessary to get prints made?

I think so! A good example would be thinking back to my grandparent's images after they passed away. I have hundreds of photographs of my grandmother in France pre-WWII, but I think, what if all of those images were on a floppy disk? I wouldn't have any of that family history. I wouldn't have any of those images that tell my family's story. DVD's, Flash Drives, and even computers have a very limited life. Professionally made prints will last a lifetime...and more.

These are just some of the most common questions I get. If you have any more questions, which I hope you do, then let's meet for coffee!! I would love to meet you all in person and make sure all of your questions are answered. 



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